Friday, November 23, 2007

Still snowing, but determined not to shovel . . .

Ottawa got dumped on with snow all day today and it's not melting and it is still coming down. Mum e-mailed me and told me she ordered me a snowblower as an x-mas present (of which I am so grateful for) and it will be delivered December 1st. Until then, I will not shovel unless I need to get in the door, or enough so a car can just fit in the very start of my driveway. I did just the bare minimum today and why not? The snow is still coming down and it's just a waste of time. When that snowblower baby comes, I'm going to make my yard look like it has never seen snow this year (LOL).

Mum and I have a habit of telling each other what we got for x-mas way before the holiday. There is no surprise there. I love telling people early. I can't hold it in. I really don't care if people tell me or not. I just want to see on their faces if I got them the right gift or not. I really put my mind into what the person actually wants and will enjoy. I don't like to blindly go and just buy something without intently thinking about the person and what they would want or really need. This year, I got mum a really nice silver belt buckle (she competes in western horse riding stuff) with gold and ruby inlay. I got it online at some western wear store she really likes and orders from alot. She would never spend that kind of money on herself and she loves going to these horse shows and showing off her stuff. She will really love it. I was thinking about a Roomba (those robot vacuums that clean floors by themselves) after she complained about how difficult it was to do household chores like that after her surgery. I wanted one too, but then I thought about why I didn't get one and she wouldn't want one for the same reason - the dogs. Could you imagine one of those little buggers skating around the rug and what the dogs would do to it? Latte hates the vacuum in the first place and when I got the girls that Tickle Me Elmo, Peanut attacks it and Latte is terrified of it. I laugh and laugh and laugh . . .

Dad just wants stuff he wears everyday and wears out often. Every year he asks for underwear, t-shirts and socks and I am convinced after the past couple of years that that is what truly makes him happy. You buy him tools, electronics, etc. and he says they're great, but never bothers to learn how they work or just turns to his old ones anyways. This year I got him a bunch of those Cool Max undies, long johns and t-shirts for L.L. Bean. Thank Buddha for internet shopping, or else there would be no x-mas gifts this year. I'm still under "house arrest" while awaiting surgery, so this is the next best thing.

Peanut and Latte I haven't bought for yet. I haven't seen anything that really stands out. It's obviously not about what they really want. What they really want is for me to take the peanut butter jar and unscrew the lid and leave it on the floor. That would be the best x-mas ever to them - but that's not going to happen. They don't need new collars, they don't need new leashes, they don't need new bowls. They certainly don't need new toys. They have more toys than spoiled children might have. I would really have to think of what to get them. They hopefully are getting a new sister sometime in the new year, but I'm not sure if they will think that is a gift or not. Peanut loved getting Latte right from the day she walked in the door. I'm not sure what Latte's reaction will be. She is the "diva" and I'm not sure she'll be happy when it is not all about her. Peanut doesn't mind when Latte steals attention, as long as dinner is on time and she gets to be a brat every once in awhile. I'm just along for the ride and provide food, shelter, and entertainment. It will be interesting to see what a new puppy will add to the mix and what personality a new bundle of fur will have. Peanut and Latte have such different personalities, it's hard to imagine what this little thing will have.

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