Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Endless Frustration . . . Hope Fading Fast

Endless Frustration

So today was about trying to find out how to get paid after my sick benefits run out waiting endlessly for this surgery. The hospital sends you this package about how to apply for short term disability, and it doesn't really tell you anything at all and what it does tell you, is out of date. There is one form, that NEEDS to be filled out along with the EI package, and it isn't even included in the package. I'm going to just apply for EI because hopefully I won't be waiting for this surgery a whole year, it's supposed to be easy (I applied online - more about that in a minute) and all the pregnant nurses have to do it, so I have an idea how much I get (85% of my wage). I get a call back, saying that I got my mother's maiden name wrong. What? How is it possible that I could do that? Somewhere along the line, I have no idea, the lady on the phone said when I originally applied for a SIN card (when I was 15 which was forever ago), I wrote down her first name and not her last. I have to go into an EI office and get it changed. I told her I'm not allowed to leave my house because of my sickness, and she tells me that my claim for EI won't be able to proceed. What if I was in a coma? Hell, I'm pretty close to that now. I had to email that bitch of a lady in payroll also that her damn package looked like it was put together by monkeys (didn't exactly say that, but wanted to) and she forgot to include half the forms in this package that said they were included that NEEDED to be filled out. Hopefully, I can get an answer back to that and she can email me the forms, instead of going to the hospital to get them. I guess I have to be prepared for that, since the hospital is so unhelpful in times of need (which explains the long wait for surgery - can't find their arse with two hands). On top of all this, EI needs eventually to see a medical certificate that I am unable to work filled out by my neuro. Funny, but he has already filled out one for the hospital, which Occupational Health has. I figured, why not copy that one and send that to them. But no, that would be too logical. Occupational Health refuses to help me out on this, they said that medical certificate is theirs and I will just have to go back to the neuro and get another one filled out.

And on that medical certificate it says that I'm not suppose to have any sort of stress to prevent escalation of seizures. I told them to read that, but you would have to know how to read . . .

Hope Fading Fast

I have been phoning the neuro and neuro surg's office every Monday and leaving messages (because there is no way a patient can talk to a real person - that would be empathetic) to find out when my surgery is. I figure since I found out this way when the first surgery was this way, since it is not their policy to inform the patient of this, I'd be lucky again to find out. No such luck. The last time I talked to the neuro surg's secretary, she'd said the last day of elective surgeries before x-mas was December 18th. It's getting pretty close now and I still don't have a date yet. I had more notice last time when I had to go out and find out what my last surgery date was. If I can't have this before x-mas, it looks like I'm going to be in the shitter life-wise and might have to pack it in here in Ottawa. I can't live this way by myself with me deteriorating so much. I don't really have alot of options beyond a few more months. I'm going to end up dead here at home if they let this go beyond January. I hope I get a call tomorrow, for a surgery date. Even then, they'll just cancel it anyways.

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