Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bitching About Oil

You'd think that with all the terrorist worries the US has, they would stockpile gas and oil more, but the stockpiles are steadily going down and their prices are going up. I don't know much about the mechanics of mercantile trading and futures, but that seems a little suspect. I understand that if the world price of something goes up, that means you can make more money because the price of your product goes up. Canada has its own oil reserves, but when the price of those reserves goes up because of overall stupid American policy, why not get into it? L invests in oil a lot and he is making money. I wonder if George Bush is padding his retirement by stirring shit all over the world and driving the oil price panic and using up all their stockpile. A little paranoid, I suspect, and I don't lose sleep over this, but you have to wonder . . .

I don't drive, but we as a people are so dependent on oil that as the price of gas goes up, even I feel it. I heat with oil, and that is a big bill, even if it is a high-efficiency forced air oil furnace. I really try to converve by keeping the thermostat low and wearing sweaters, closing the curtains at night, etc. I just started doing the curtains, I usually only close the blinds in my bedroom at night. Now I feel a little closed it, but cosy. It might be just my brain talking, but I think it does keep the heat in. The prices of deliveries, groceries, produce, and other essential things goes up. Travelling goes up. Oil is used to construct all plastics. I really try not to buy plastics but it is quite hard. I wish companies would start packaging things in less plastics and styrofoam. I wish that corn-based plastic would come down in price so companies would start using it more. I should go take my meds now.

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