Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 28th, very early in the morning . . .

Overwhelmingly tired, that is how I feel this past 24 hours. Had seizure (s) during the previous night and then October 27th seem to pass in just 4 hours. I know I cooked some glazed turnups. I feel like I might just give up. No, I'll describe how I feel these past hours. I feel like a truck hit me, hard. I feel like I've had the crap kicked out of me by the seizure creature and it is standing over my beaten body lying on the ground telling me to get up and have some more. I am lying on the cold, hard ground and I am not going to get up. I have kept getting up in the past, but now I realize that that is just for suckers. I should just lie here and wait for the creature to just get bored and leave. I can't do this anymore. That's just how I feel today. I am using up too much energy getting up each time I am knocked to the ground. I should just lie here.

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