Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October 24th, 2007

As promised, I've tried to remain busy. I'll summarize . . .

First, about a week ago, I found out that the man who runs the Neighbourhood Watch in our area did not want to do it anymore, and the Ottawa Police were going to take down our Neighbourhood Watch sign if no one wanted to take over. I phone the Community Police office for our area to see what could be done, not interested in taking over, but just to join to keep the sign. I guess the lady signed me up as the Coordinator, so now that's what I am. She gave me all the pamphlets to hand out to all the people on the block, so there is nothing really for me to do, but give out the stuff and go to a few meetings.

I also heard through the Ottawa vegetarian community that there were these farms that you could order organic vegetables and have them delivered directly from the fields to your door. I was so happy about this because the vegetables available in the grocery stores are crap, and the organic vegetables have come from Israel, and California and they spoil quickly. I don't really live close to the grocery store to be going every two days to the Market either and I don't drive. So this idea became a mission that I was going to sign up for this service. The best one that I heard was Bryson Farms at I went to their website and was impressed. This farm in Shawville grows all their own vegetables and they deliver year round. But when I signed up for the service, I was put on a waiting list. I think the problem is that they are one farm, supplying organic vegetables to restaurants and people. I didn't want to wait months to find out if I was going to be accepted. I was going to wait until I found about this place, This place has deliveries from smaller farms around the area and delivers them to your door, so they are more of a farm collective for the area. All their vegetables and fruits are organic. They seem to have more of a selection than Bryson because they deal with several different farms. They also have some farms from southern Ontario, but they tell you and label their vegetables from these areas as not local. I signed up for their service online, and was impressed with the lady on the phone telling me what fruits and vegetables were great quality and which ones they were not impressed with and weren't going to sell in their deliveries. They deliver the vegetables in reusable Rubbermaid containers and you pay a deposit for the containers but what an amazing environmental choice! I will get the deliveries every week, instead of going every two weeks to the grocery store, and organic fruits and vegetables right off the field will definitely last longer. The bill is about the same price I pay for organic vegetables at the grocery store (being vegan, I eat alot of veggies) and there is so much more selection and I won't be throwing out half of it in the compost heap as it goes bad. Can't wait for my first delivery on Friday!

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