Saturday, October 20, 2007

October 20th, 2007, part 2

So my upcoming surgery was canceled, after waiting 3 months for the last surgery date. It is frustrating that the new date in December (yet to be confirmed), I would have been back to work if they kept the original date (October 16th). Now, I'm probably looking at getting back to work in 2008.

I have a vagus nerve stimulator for my temporal lobe epilepsy implanted which really helps to assist the large amount of anticonvulsants I have to consume on a daily basis from having seizures on a frequent basis. I, unluckily, have a form of epilepsy that cannot be controlled by medication and gets worse as I get older. Who knows what the future brings? I just feel that I am going to keep bailing out this boat as long as I can until another boat comes floating along (what a strange analogy - it just came to me).

This stimulator stopped working last April. I didn't get an official appointment until July, when I was booked to see the neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon said that he would probably do the surgery in August or September, but the date ended up being booked in October. I tried to work as long as I could, but with the amount of seizures I was having increasing, and the severity of them, I had to stop working in October. I think the straw that broke the camel's back was falling down the stairs to my basement and really bruising myself up (thankfully that is all I did) and my brother P's car accident. Stress is not something I need at this time.

Being a nurse, I should realize the limitations of the Ontario health care system, but I've never seen this being so bad, or maybe how it really affects quality of life. I had kept busy doing little jobs around the house but now that my head is a little more clouded, I wake up and all of a sudden the sun is going down, and I realize I haven't really DONE anything all day. Frustrating for someone who likes to be productive. I'm doing a lot of reading, painting (I am an amateur artist) and my house has never been this clean and organized. The dogs are happy with me home all day, but I think they are even bored now.

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